This book, ‘Never Ending Education’ is a special edition, following the vision of the Dutch bestseller ‘Nooit Af’ (‘The permanent beta principle’).

Never Ending Education is written by Martijn Aslander and Annette Dölle.

ABOUT MARTIJN ASLANDER. Martijn Aslander is a stand-up philosopher, boardroom sparring partner and co-author of the (Dutch) bestsellers ‘Easycratie’ (Easycracy) and ‘Nooit Af’ (The Permanent Beta Principle). He built the largest dolmen in the world, cofounded Lifehacking.nl and Permanent Beta. Both on stage and in his publications he passionately maps technology’s complex impact on society. Martijn looks at the world through a societal and economical lens. He explains the effects of new technologies on society and the economy. He describes current and future implications of these developments on the networked information society. He’s a hands-on inspirator who synthesizes much of what is going on in this world, what visionary authors, scientists and thinkers have to say about this. Martijn merges this into a clear picture of what is going on and what it means for organizations, business models, markets and innovation.



ABOUT ANNETTE DÖLLE. Annette Dölle is a ‘processor’. All projects and organizational processes she facilitates are connected to systemic and contextual perspectives; Traveling from A to B is the main purpose in a global society that’s highly in transition. She is a lecturer and writer about societal and public domain issues. She’s worked with CEO’s, ministries, adolescents, criminals and homeless people on behavioral ethics, organizational skills and communication. She initiated a successful nation wide country Clean Up (KeepitCleanDay), a suspended coffee initiative in Amsterdam and connects these experiences to theoretical large-scale dynamics. Annette looks at the world through a lens of sociological effectiveness. By these means she sees a reality in which simplicity wins it over complexity and ego-driven choices. Technology plays a significant role in this process, for it’s bridge-building quality and tools to overcome inequality between people.