This ‘appetizer’ book is a small preview of the book we are writing at the moment: Never Ending Education.

In august 2017 we decided to already create a small booklet appetizer about educational organization. This was the plan, before we launch the big book later this year. What we couldn’t know by that time, was that the educational field would explode in the following months: Strikes from teachers, Apple launching new high-tech possibilities, open source awareness in schools, changes in curriculums. And so on. A strange and exciting situation at the same time! It made our book two times thicker then we expected.

We’ve spread 45.000 small ‘appetizer’ books in the Netherlands, when – in March 2018 – a Dutch governmental organization asked us if they could bring the small booklet with them to Scotland, during a working visit. Of course we said yes. So, we translated it and started sharing.

On this page you’ll find the English text of the appetizer booklet ‘Never Ending Education’. In a PDF. We are working on an epub-friendly version.

Note: You will find the word ‘spinster’ on one of the first pages of the appetizer. We were meant to point out the old profession; with the spinster and the spinning wheel. But we do know it also means an ‘old, unmarried woman’. Luckily we like jokes. And love to make mistakes! 😉